TK71-1221: Marvell Kirkwood 1.2GHz ARM5 512/128MB QSeven Computer on Module


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Mfr. Part #: TK71-1221

Quick Overview

  • Processor Marvell Kirkwood 1.2GHz


  • ROM 128MB NAND Flash

  • Power supply single 5 V

  • Size 70mm x 70mm QSeven

  • Temperature range 0°CC..85°C

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CoM can only be supplied with an Evaluation Kit or a Development Kit, unless this has been previously purchased. CoM are supplied with Bootloader only.



The Marvell® 88F6281 SoC with SheevaTM embedded CPU technology, is a high-performance integrated controller. It integrates the Marvell Sheeva CPU core which is fully ARMv5TE-compliant with a 256KB L2 Cache. The 88F6281 builds upon Marvell’s innovative Feroceon® family of processors, improves performance, and adds new features to reduce bill of materials (BOM) costs. The 88F6281 is suitable for a wide range of applications such as routers, gateway, media server, storage, set-top-box, networking, point of service and printer products. The 88F6281 offers unparalleled integration that makes system design simple and cost efficient. The SoC integrates: 

  • High-performance single-issue CPU>

  • 1.0 Ghz - 1.2 Ghz operating speed

  • 16KB-Instruction and 16KB-Data 4-way, set-associative L1 cache

  • 256KB unified 4-way, set-associative L2 cache

  • 16-bit DDR2 memory interface (up to 800 MHz data rate)

  • Two Gigabit Ethernet MACs with interface options

  • Precise Timing Protocol and Audio Video Bridging

  • Single PCI-Express port

  • Single USB 2.0 port with integrated PHY

  • Two SATA 2.0 ports with integrated PHYs

  • Network security engine with various encryption algorithm support

  • Audio and MPEG Transport Stream Interface

  • Two TDM Channels, SDIO, NAND flash, SPI, TWSI, and Two UART interfaces


The innovative, on-chip crossbar architecture with any-to-any connectivity enables concurrent transactions among multiple units that results in high system throughput allowing system designers to create high-performance scalable systems. Tightly integrated CPU and memory controller significantly improves application performance. 

Block Diagram

TK71 module




















Dimensions: 100 x 122 mm

Power Supply: 5V DC


  • 3 X USB 2.0 (Standard connector type A) 3 x USB 2.0 (Pin header)
  • 2x Gigabit-Ethernet
  • 1x SATA 
  • 1x SATA 2.5” HD RS232
  • JTAG

Slots: Mini-PCI-Express SD card 

The TK71 Baseboard integrates the main interfaces provided by the TK71 module as well as a second Gigabit Ethernet Port. A 2.5” hard-disk (not included) can be mounted onto the top while the TK71 is mounted onto the bottom side. 

Additional Information

CPUARMv5TE 88F6281
Display InterfaceNo
Temperature range0°C..70°C
Target marketsAutomation, Digital signage, Industrial control, Medical technology, Transportation