Strategic Test announces world’s first Freescale i.MX25 SOM and Development Kit

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07 Aug / 2009

SOM priced at only $99, runs Windows CE 6.0 and Linux

Woburn, USA – July 8, 2009.  Strategic Test has announced the World’s first Freescale i.MX25 processor-based System on Module (SOM) and Development Kit. Called the TX-STAR, it measures just 67.6 x 26 x 3.5 mm (2.6” x 1” x 0.09”) and contains a 400 MHz i.MX25 processor coupled with 64 MB SDRAM, 128 MB NAND flash memory and a 200-pin SODIMM connector.  The TX-STAR is targeted at embedded applications where an operating temperature range from -45 to +85 degrees C, low price, small size and low power consumption are critical factors.

The TX-STAR is pin compatible with the existing TX27 i.MX27 processor and TX37 i.MX37 processor-based modules. All modules can be supplied with the Development Kit-5 hardware reference platform. The TX-STAR is available with both Linux and Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0.

According to Bob Giblett, President, Strategic Test Corp., “We are very excited about the TX-STAR as this is the lowest priced 32-bit SOM that is capable of running standard OS’s such as Linux and Windows CE. For companies currently using 16-bit MCU’s who are strangled by performance and lack of code transportability, we believe the TX-STAR offers a terrific alternative in this economic climate.”

The i.MX 25 is derived from the popular i.MX32 processor and based on the ARM926EJ-S™ core. 

Notable features of the TX-STAR include:

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • High-speed USB 2.0 OTG
  • Full-speed USB 2.0 Host
  • LCD controller
  • Still-picture camera interface
  • Several peripheral interfaces:
    • UART, SD-Card, I2C, CAN, Keypad, Digital Audio (AC97/I2S), Configurable Serial interface

Highlights of the Development Kit-5:

  • Socket for TX-STAR, TX27 or TX37 SODIMM
  • All pins from SODIMM brought out to header connectors
  • UCB1400 CODEC and touchscreen controller
  • Two SD card sockets
  • VGA via D-SUB 15-pin connector
  • LCD  40-pin header
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connector
  • USB  2.0 connectors
  • Two RS232 headers
  • JTAG interface
  • 5 V from USB or via screw terminal

Caption: World’s first Freescale i.MX25 processor SOM and Development Kit

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