Strategic Embedded Jumps Ahead with 3.16 Linux Kernel

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01 Jun / 2016

Stockholm, Sweden - Strategic Embedded has announced the full integration of the TX CoM family into the Linux 3.16 stable kernel.

Along with this, Strategic Embedded has unified its releases across the Strategic Embedded TX CoM range, starting with the TX28, TX48 and TX53 and including its dual- and quad-core flagship TX6.

With immediate effect, all Strategic Embedded CoMs profit from enhancements in speed, power management and new features and bug fixes which the latest kernel boasts.

By additionally adopting Freescale's i.MX6 Yocto distribution private patch set to its 3.16 Linux Kernel BSP, Strategic Embedded further enables designers deploying the TX6 to jump one step ahead and exploit enhanced graphical features, like accelerated video playback and OpenGL.

Strategic Embedded will continue to further provide patches to the kernel for hardware adoption and bug fixes creating an easy adoptable, broad and unified platform.


About Strategic Embedded
Strategic Embedded is a division of Strategic Test Corp that has offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Boston, USA. Further information is available on our website:

Almost uniquely, all hardware and software development, together with manufacturing is undertaken in-house. This not only ensures highest quality control but also the ability to deliver fast and competent technical support.

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